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Myamar economy rapidly expanded in the 1989s, Largely due to the huge growth in the nation’s import and export sectors, electronics, agriculture, furniture and other manufacturing segments relied on the movement of goods, through port and airport as well as throughout the country and region as a result of Goverment encouragement and co-operation.

As a result, the Customs Clearane industry took on a more vital and active role, but the speed of its expansion created intense competation as well as enormous growth of vast market. many felt the industry lacked direction , as the industry was unregulated and had no controlling body to ensure Customs Clearance operated according to this international standards. To confront the problems facing the industry as this time, a group of Customs Clearing  Agent gathered together and finally decided to form an association that would benefit the entire sector.

During 1984, Myanmar started the practice of H.S Code Thus; the Director General of Myanmar Customs Department a member of this original grop intiated proposal for the formation of a Customs Clearing Agents’ association, which was submitted to the Ministry of Commerce. With On 1997/98 the Customs Clearing Agents, Association of Myanmar was officially inaugurated.

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MCBA Member များ အကောက်ခွန်ကိစၥရပ်များ ဆောင်ရွက်ရာတွင် အ၀ါကဒ် ကိုင်ဆောင် သူများသည် Agent Card များ ချိတ်ဆွဲလျက် အကောက်ခွန်ရုံး အတွင်းတွင် MCBA တံဆိပ် ပါ အ၀ါရောင် အပေါ်၀တ် ၀တ်ဆင်ပြီး ၀င်ထွက် ဆောင်ရွက်ကြပါရန် နှင့် ပန်းရောင်ကဒ် ကိုင်ဆောင်သူ လုပ်သားများသည် Port Terminals များတွင် ကဒ်များ ချိတ်ဆွဲလျက် MCBA တံဆိပ်ပါ ပန်းရောင် အပေါ်၀တ် ၀တ်ဆင်ပြီး ၀င်ထွက်ဆောင်ရွက်ကြပါရန် အသိပေး အပ်ပါသည်။