History of Myanmar CBA

Myamar economy rapidly expanded in the 1989s, Largely due to the huge growth in the nation’s import and export sectors, electronics, agriculture, furniture and other manufacturing segments relied on the movement of goods, through port and airport as well as throughout the country and region as a result of Goverment encouragement and co-operation.

As a result, the Customs Clearane industry took on a more vital and active role, but the speed of its expansion created intense competation as well as enormous growth of vast market. many felt the industry lacked direction , as the industry was unregulated and had no controlling body to ensure Customs Clearance operated according to this international standards. To confront the problems facing the industry as this time, a group of Customs Clearing  Agent gathered together and finally decided to form an association that would benefit the entire sector.

During 1984, Myanmar started the practice of H.S Code Thus; the Director General of Myanmar Customs Department a member of this original grop intiated proposal for the formation of a Customs Clearing Agents’ association, which was submitted to the Ministry of Commerce. With On 1997/98 the Customs Clearing Agents, Association of Myanmar was officially inaugurated.

After CCAAM had been founded, the original members invited other Agents to join the association, and a general meeting was called to elect the first Board of Directors. At this initial assembly, thst President was chosen as CCAAM with 17 Directors joining him on the board. the orginal board remaind in office for two years, at which time a new Board of Directors was elected.

Since it’s inception in 1997-98 as CCAAM (Customs Clearing Agents Association of Myanmar)  registered and recognized by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance & Revenue c/o Myanmar Customs Department & Organization Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is leading non- profile Organization in Myanamr to work with had in hand with relevant Govt. Agencies & other International Organization to re-kindle throught preformance of authorized of Customs Clearing Agencies and Inter- Goverment Organization specially with Customs Department and timely informing the changes in Domestics & Internationsl Arena Regarding Customs regulation and rules.


was currently headed by President and Vice Presidents & EC Members. There are15BOD(Board of Members)and 281 associate Members and Office Bearer and MCBA is looking for more active and associate memberrship to perform their main objectives vigorously. Any person or Organization wishing to perform in the interest or benefit of the association. New Membership selection and removal of existind members are finally decided by secret ballot.


A. To participate in the performance of regular and speedy flow of goods as a intergral part;
B. To co-operate in the proper and speedy completion of customs work;
C. To develop customs clearance work;
D. To make wide contacts with the Internationa Customs Clearance Association;
E. To assist in every respect for the purpose of promoting foreign trades with Myanmar & promoting the Myanmar goods to become highly marketable;
F. To do promotion works speedily and easily as a go-between of the Customs Dept. and Regular Customers of import/export business and to remove barriers as a NON-BARRIER.
G. To uplift the widening customs procedures in line with the International Trade according to the modern systems and to make effort to educate the tax payers to understand the procedures;
H. To prolong the Association for the benefit of Traders.
I. To seek ways and means in order to accelerate the import clearance and export clearance.
J. To always make efforts to improve the proficiency of the members of customs clearance groups.
K. To perform the different processess of customs clearance systematically and sincerely and to avoid illegal activities;
L. To always make efforts for smooth dealing and unity of customs clearance groups.
M. To support the welfare of Customs Clearnace Agents;
N. To utmost perform works entrusted.


Class (A) Class (A)  Members  are  those  who passed the  Customs Clearnce  Agency training cousre examination and have been authorized to sign for the clearnace agency which has been legally registered in the Customs Department.
Class (B) Class (B) Members must have passed the customs clearance training course. If he has applied for the license for customs clearance works he shall be changed into (A) Class. If (A) Class members have not obtained the to sign, he shall be changed to (B) Class.
Class (C)   Class (C) has the right to attend and vote in the general meeting of the members.


  • As Myanmar Customs Department  in  official member of WTO, WCO. Therefore, have to strive for more active role to follow-up the rapid changes of global economy.
  • As  is Associate Member of IFCBA, we have to Participate actively with International Customs Brokerage Association and Partners to generate more transactions and safe guard National Entrepreneurs & its Association Partners with timely information.
  • Myanmar is also active member of ASEAN, GMS, and BIMST-EC. Therefore hall play as a bridge between State & the Private sectors as well as reduction of trade barriers and facilitation of smooth handling of inward and outward cargoes.
  • Myanmar is situated within the two worlds biggest economic countries i.e.China & India,  should play as a Third Party for assistance required for border trade.